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The history of LMSYS

The conception and birth of a company are also acts of self-creation. And when this creation and its development occur collectively, it primarily takes the form of a genuine human adventure.

The genesis of LMSYS began at the outset of the launch of Bouygues Telecom’s “Bbox” offering in 2008 when the elements comprising the core of our management team were first brought together.


The genesis of LMSYS began at the outset of the launch of Bouygues Telecom’s “Bbox” offering in 2008 when the elements comprising the core of our management team were first brought together.

In the wake of the success of the offering, a large number of IPTV platform development projects followed, serving as milestones that bore witness to our initial technical achievements and opportunities to learn how to work, progress, and cultivate our values together.


In late 2011, LMSYS initiated its operations, initially focused on deploying multimedia systems internationally for our clients Ericsson and Broadpeak.

As we continued, the LMSYS team diversified its subcontracting areas, working with integrators such as NXO and BT Services, leveraging and expanding its expertise in computer systems and networks.

These missions also provided opportunities to work within major corporations like Legrand and Michelin. They further enhanced our industrial experience, which was already established in semiconductor production, another demanding sector. Through these experiences, team management for operations and support, as well as end-to-end project management, were added to our portfolio of services.


In 2020, for us, was the year of maturity. The arrival of our new headquarters and its infrastructure, along with the growth of our team, now enables us to take on the integration of our clients’ solutions and the hosting of our own.

Armed with these new assets, LMSYS has expanded its fields of expertise and the quality of its services, aiming to meet the levels of excellence and quality expected by both current and future clients.


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Transparency & solidarity
Respect & trust
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A business strategy

Our goal has always been to provide services and solutions for the integration and support of IT system and network infrastructures.

Over time, our business development has primarily focused on technical support, allowing us to strengthen and expand our client network.

Having now organized ourselves in terms of both human resources and infrastructure, we are capable of delivering these services at the required level of quality.

To achieve this, we have developed partnerships with major hardware suppliers in the fields of enterprise networking, servers, storage, and virtualization. Our coverage is national, with the ability to provide on-site support in Europe.

Our partners

Extreme networks
hp enterprise
Cisco Meraki
Dell Technologies
Juniper networks
Azure Cloud
amazon web services

Customer returns


I had the pleasure of working with LMSYS on a complex systems integration project, and I must say that their expertise and professionalism were truly impressive. Their team demonstrated great competence in project management, ensuring clear and regular communication with my team and me throughout the process. They were also highly responsive to unforeseen challenges, offering innovative and effective solutions to overcome them. Their experience and expertise were invaluable in successfully completing the project within the specified timeframe and budget. I highly recommend LMSYS for their high-quality integration and consulting services.

— Patrice Briand, AVELTEC

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