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Our expertise

Advice & support

Guide decision-makers in their choice of IT and communications infrastructures.

Define a vision and a detailed roadmap to meet immediate needs while fostering the growth of communication systems. 

Custom development

Implementing the solutions best suited to your needs. 

From identification to deployment of your business solution, including the intelligent connection between your tools or a specific development on a nanocomputer, we provide you with tailor-made software and hardware solutions.

IT Architecture

LMSYS designs and implements all or part of information systems to meet the needs and requirements of companies. 

We ensure the deployment and migration of solutions and services in physical or virtual infrastructures. 

Hosting & backup

Store, share and secure your data. 

Whether you need to host your data in the public, private or hybrid cloud, while taking into account the recovery of your data in the event of an incident, we can support you in your data hosting strategy based on the mapping of your needs. 

Audit & optimization

Combining resource savings and performance. 

From optimized allocation of resources to rationalization of means, LMSYS helps you to right-size your IT with an approach that is both responsible and demanding in terms of expected performance. 

Managed services

Guarantee the integrity and performance of your information system. 

LMSYS takes charge, on a delegated basis, of your security, operational maintenance and monitoring needs for your IT services and infrastructure. 

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