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Custom development

Getting as close as possible to your needs also means finding solutions for everything to do with your business applications. Whether it’s a web site with a technical specificity, dedicated tools that need to communicate with each other, business applications to be integrated, or a customized global solution requiring the deployment of Rapsberry-type hardware support, we can provide you with our technical know-how.

Our support includes translating your requirements into specifications, sourcing software and hardware, identifying and costing additional development needs, right through to implementation.

Digital eco-design

In our approach to development, we logically turned to digital eco-design. We know that, depending on the source, 70 to 80% of the impact of digital technology is linked to the manufacture of computer hardware, but its obsolescence also depends directly on the resources mobilized by the software used. 

Ecodesign is above all a methodological approach aimed at concentrating on the essential functionalities that will be used effectively, ergonomics that facilitate accessibility to the service, and a design that reduces operating costs. As part of a WEB redesign, we rely on a preliminary audit using a test tool to identify the points for improvement and the relevant technological choices to design a service that will gain in performance and simplicity.

We adapt our developments, and in particular the choice of technology, the development platform and the external dependencies of functionalities, under the prism of reduced environmental impact, in the knowledge that the benefits will also be reflected in the material resources used.

API development

The multiplicity of software solutions and the diversity of customer needs often require the development of specific connectors or customized communication interfaces. We have the in-house skills to develop your own APIs and make them evolve according to your needs. This enables you to make your business solutions interact with your management software, for example, to facilitate communication within your various business units, and to integrate these interactions into your value chain for greater flexibility and efficiency.

Equipment supply

We can also help you with the hardware aspects of your needs. We are resellers for Synology, Cisco – Meraki, D-link, Lenovo, HPe, Fortinet and Juniper. Within these offers, we also have access to ranges of new hardware from certified refurbished components. We can also meet specific requirements.

Dedicated partnerships

If you have complementary marketing and communication needs, if you’re looking for solutions that are consistent with your responsible digital approach, if you’re looking for specific expertise in digital tools, we can help you benefit from our privileged partnerships. These have been established on the basis of a shared vision, a responsible and committed approach, and the quality of our expertise. For example, we entrust our local partner with graphic layout and communication media.
So don’t hesitate to ask us about any related issues.

Customer case


Implementation of Broadpeak servers in our production’s tool automate

BROADPEAK designs, manufactures and markets innovative video distribution solutions worldwide for content providers and network operators who deploy services on IPTV, cable, Internet (Over-The-Top) and mobile. After winning a project to extend the CD solution of one of their South American customers, the BROADPEAK operational team asked LMSYS to absorb the additional activity generated by this case.

The mission

LMSYS undertook to integrate and deliver the 72 servers of this order, on a very tight production and delivery schedule, since it was spread out over only four weeks. To this strong constraint, came to be added the difficulty to ensure this production during the period of COVID-19.


As some of the equipment had to be configured in a cluster, this also meant that a special production schedule had to be drawn up.

  • Study of the installation instructions for BROADPEAK products, to identify all the tasks that could be automated.
  • Programming of our production tool, with the implementation of a process validation strategy, phased over the production stages single server vs. cluster).
  • Continuous improvement of the automation of our production tool in DevOps mode.
  • Generation of automated factory acceptance reports, in the form of a server identity card
  • Validation of our logistics capacity
  • Subcontracting capacity to ensure the quality of BROADPEAK products is maintained
  • Improvement of the LMSYS integration tool
  • Significant reduction of human intervention in the integration process
Equipment can be deployed simply, in plug & play mode

The quality of server integration was a major issue for BROADPEAK, as deployment at the various end-customer sites had to be carried out with a minimum of intervention and without the need for expertise.

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