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Relaying on people to help the team grow

In a business as “cold” as its technical nature makes it, at LMSYS we pay particular attention to people, precisely because we know where we come from and how the company’s history has been built with the men and women who make it up.

Here, we like atypical career paths, curved and sometimes bumpy lines as much as straight and arrowed ones. Our hallmark is the diversity of our profiles, and a large proportion of our staff have undergone professional retraining. These are men and women whom we have successfully accompanied in their new profession, and who today take on their new role with great professionalism and experience.

What we are looking for

The main qualities we’re looking for are motivation, a desire to learn and the ability to discover and explore new subjects. The support of the crew will do the rest, helping you to develop your skills. You’ll work in a friendly, enthusiastic atmosphere, in premises designed and fitted out to welcome you and take care of your quality of life at work.

Speculative application

LMSYS is always on the lookout for talented individuals, feel free to apply!


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