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Hosting and securing my data

Much of a company’s value today is concentrated in its data. In their day-to-day business, many organizations need to share this data within their teams, while managing different levels of confidentiality.

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Whether it’s hosting your website or other corporate data, this involves storing information securely, while allowing full availability and sharing at different access levels. Hosting can be on site (“on premise” hosting) or on decentralized servers accessible via the Internet (“cloud hosting”).

Hosting alone cannot ensure your data’s longevity, which is why a real backup strategy needs to be put in place.

Our advice :

Our advice: put security at the heart of your hosting strategy, taking into account your business imperatives.

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Get advice on the best strategy for backing up my data

Give my colleagues access to company data, whether they’re on site or working from home

Secure my data and know how to restore it after a computer breakdown

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