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Audit and optimisation

At LMSYS, we have always defended the idea that it is important to allocate resources as closely as possible to the customer’s needs, and other levers are possible by focusing on the various components of the company’s activity and its strategy. Our conviction is that this search for optimization must be synonymous with maintaining performance while saving resources.

Our methodological approach is based on 3 steps: Measure, Optimize, Manage. We start with an audit phase, the conclusions of which will enable us to set up an optimization action plan in line with your objectives. We then monitor and check that objectives are being met, and examine how to allocate resources in the best possible way as resource requirements evolve.


The audit phase applies to a study perimeter that we define with you. It enables us to take stock of the existing infrastructure, draw up an inventory of the services deployed, find out what practices have been put in place internally, and also assess your teams’ level of knowledge of the Sustainable Digital approach.

In terms of IT infrastructure, we deploy dedicated diagnostic tools to assess various indicators (RAM/CPU resource occupancy rate, VM usage, predominant and/or under-utilized services, etc.). Your WEB services can also be tested using impact measurement tools to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their design.

In some cases, the optimization process is part of a company’s broader CSR approach, going beyond the technical rationalization of resources.


Once the initial diagnosis and overview of your organization have been established, it will be possible to draw up an action plan listing the recommended optimization measures in line with the objectives you have set for us.

The levers for action may concern technical aspects relating to infrastructure (reallocation and consolidation of resources, periodic shutdown of VMs, elimination of servers after rationalization, use of reconditioned hardware, etc.), WEB and software services (digital eco-design overhaul (link to dedicated page), migration to open-source solutions, elimination of services that are little used if they are not essential), or more general aspects.

In fact, the action plan may concern several departments in your business, not just the IT department: purchasing, marketing, accounting… today, digital technology cuts across all aspects of a company.

Raising awareness

We believe it’s always important to involve your teams in the process. Whether it’s a question of sharing knowledge on the impact of digital technology, communicating best practices or, more broadly, explaining the steps you’re taking to improve your company’s environmental performance, we can support you in your internal communications with your staff. You’ll be accompanied by a certified Digital Sustainability expert.

The format of the intervention can be customized according to the topics you wish to address or your operational objectives.

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